CNN host Jake Tapper criticized for saying Trump should be invited to Queen’s funeral: ‘Stop normalizing betrayal’

CNN host jaketapperthe suggestion that the president Joe Biden invite donald trump a Queen Elizabeth IIThe funeral of has been greeted with an outpouring of fury online.

The comment, made by the primetime host during a Friday night panel speaking about the state funeral scheduled for September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London drew the ire of people who described themselves as long-time viewers of his show. It even led to the #boycottCNN hashtag starting to trend over the weekend.

“I think the smart move is to invite him,” Tapper said, noting that the decision would ultimately “be left up to President Biden as to whether or not to bring others.” [former] presidents with him to the Queen’s funeral.”

And see if it goes. I don’t think President Trump, former President Trump, wanted to be subservient to Air Force I. And I think he probably prefers his own plane anyway,” the CNN anchor added.

The funeral is expected to draw prime ministers, presidents and prominent world leaders from around the world, but the presence of the former occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has left much speculation.

A CNN spokesman said the independent when contacted for comment on the online response that “it is not new for supporters to misrepresent what journalists say and use it for their own ends”, adding that the recent social media outburst “has not affected our I’ve worked at CNN in the past, and it won’t affect our work in the future.”

However, Mr. Tapper’s candidacy left many vocal figures online over the weekend notably distraught.

Many stressed that it would be inappropriate for a sitting president to invite a predecessor who is currently under investigation by the Justice Department for allegedly seizing classified White House documents.

“I’m not sure you’re aware of this, but the last ‘president’ tried to overthrow our government and is being investigated for espionage for stealing national security secrets from his retirement home,” actor Brian Guest tweeted to the host of CNN, referring to the August raid. at the one-term president’s home in Mar-a-Lago that he discovered four dozen empty document folders marked “CLASSIFIED” and produced hundreds of other materials considered property of the US government.

Outside of the current investigation hounding Trump, which has since spurred contrary legal filings from the former president’s camp Y the Department of JusticeSome people also found it inappropriate to suggest inviting the main instigator of the attack on American democracy that took place on January 6, 2021.

“Be real Jake. Biden is not going to ask an insurrectionist and traitor to go anywhere. Shame on you for trying to normalize Trump,” one user tweeted, noting that the CNN host had “lost” her as a viewer of his primetime show.

“Trump did not even welcome the new president to the WH as is tradition and has committed repeated crimes against America, but you suggest that it would be good if Biden invited him to come to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Air Force One,” wrote. another user, who called the journalist “NUTS” for the mere suggestion.

The CNN host’s comments also caught the attention of Hollywood, with celebrities star trek actor George Takei hinting that he seemed unsettled by Mr. Tapper’s suggestion.

Writing late Friday night, Takei wrote: “CNN folks are asking a lot of weird questions lately, like they’ve got new marching orders from a new boss. Very disappointing,” hinting at rumors that began circulating in recent weeks that the beleaguered network is starting to turn around under its new helm of Chris Licht, CEO and president of CNN Worldwide.

Licht, who took over at Discovery earlier this year to steer the cable network away from opinion-based programming and more toward hard news, has lately drawn attention for outings under his watch, including former “reliable sources” host Brian Stelter and CNN White House correspondent John Harwood.

A Hollywood showrunner and screenwriter, Mikko Alanne, called for the network and its star to stop trying to “normalize” Trump, writing, “The man incited a deadly terror attack to overturn an election he lost. Remember? He then he stole our nation’s most sensitive secrets. Does any of that sound familiar to you? STOP NORMALIZING BETRAYAL.”

Victor Shi, a UCLA sophomore who was voted Joe Biden’s youngest delegate in 2020, wrote that he had “had enough with Jake Tapper after he promoted Jared Kushner’s book,” MSNBC legal analysts claimed. attacked a CNN legal analyst and said it would be “wise” for Biden to invite Trump to the Queen’s funeral.”

Writer Charlotte Clymer noted that “I guess one way to look at this is annoyance with Jake Tapper’s feeble attempt at game theory. Another way to look at it, a glass-half-full perspective if you will, is gratitude that Jake Tapper is not running the US delegation.

Several others shared posts with similar content that were congregated under the recently trending hashtag of #boycottCNN.

“Jake MAGA Tapper attacked MSNBC and said, ‘I guess some commentators have a hard time shedding politics.’ Then, minutes later, Jake said it would be “wise” for Biden to “invite Trump” to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Jake Tapper is the new Tucker Carlson. #BoycottCNN,” left-wing activist and podcast host Dash Dobrofsky wrote.

Another jumped under the same hashtag to accuse the CNN host of being a “MAGA propagandist with zero credibility.”

“CNN’s Jake Tapper has just asked Biden to invite Trump, a man who illegally stole nuclear secrets, to the Queen’s funeral. You are not a news anchor or journalist,” they wrote, before calling Tapper and CNN “a disgrace!”

Ray Reed, a former Democratic House candidate from Missouri, said simply that the twice-impeached president “shouldn’t be flying on Air Force One.”

“Trump is currently under federal investigation for espionage against the United States. He shouldn’t be flying Air Force One,” Reed tweeted.

The Independent has contacted CNN for comment.

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