Denver Broncos 4 winners, 5 losers, 1 both in loss to Seahawks

New quarterback, same shit.

Maybe Nathaniel (can’t) Hackett.

Yeah, it’s a game for him Denver Broncos (0-1), but the same game and clock management issues this team has had since Gary Kubiak retired are still present and accounted for. This time in a brutal 17-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks (1-0).

As usual, I’m bound to forget someone, leave them out, or put them in the wrong category, so mention them in the comments.


Russell Wilson

The good news about this game is that the offense can move the ball. And when Wilson throws for 340 yards, the team will win in most situations. But the inability to score touchdowns, especially inside the 5-yard line, is the reason the Broncos lost. Part of that is in Wilson. Most of it is on Hackett and the offensive coaches. More on that later.

jerry jedy

We got a glimpse of what Jeudy is capable of in this game and he got Denver’s only touchdown. Jeudy led the game with 102 yards on just four receptions. However, he had a massive knockdown that put the offense on third-and-five late in the game.

Courtland Sutton

It would have been nice to target Denver’s receivers a little earlier, but Sutton had a great game, too. The Denver receiver finished with 72 yards on just four catches.

Bradley Chub

After a brutal first half, the Broncos’ defense showed up in the second half. The unit was led by Chubb, who had both of Denver’s sacks. Chubb also finished with six tackles (four solo), two tackles for loss and two QB hits.


Javonte Williams

The Broncos’ second-year running back had seven rushes for 43 yards and 11 catches for 65. Pretty good. The reason it’s both is the big fumble on the second straight trip inside the 10-yard line. I don’t like the play at all, but he has to protect the ball. Speaking of which…


melvin gordon

This is now a trend for the Denver running back. And he has done it in two straight games since the end of the 2021 regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nathaniel (can’t?) Hackett

At least not in this game. We thought Vic Fangio was bad at clock and game management. Hackett said, “Hold my beer.” Holy smokes. Game calls took forever to get into the pool, causing games to lag. Horrible play calling inside at the 10-yard line on two consecutive trips. And then whatever we saw at the end of the game. What’s the point of trading for Wilson and extending him and then not giving him the ball on fourth-and-5 with 20 seconds left? Instead, do you try a 64-yard field goal? Really? Not to mention the costly penalties on both sides of the ball.

The Broncos looked like a team that hadn’t played and wasn’t ready.

ronald darby

Did he at least get a little better over the course of the game? To be fair, Darby couldn’t get much worse.

The decision to kick a 64 field goal

I’m sorry I can’t let this go. Do you have Wilson at QB and willingly decide to kick a 64-yard field goal? As Aaron Schatz pointed out, the probability of winning for a pass is 36.1%. Winning probably kicking a 64 field goal was 7.9%. It takes away the probability of winning and it’s still a dumb decision. As Warren Sharp pointed out, in Brandon McManus’s last six attempts of 62 yards or more, he missed them all. Miss is not at McManus; What the hell is he kicking it for?

The Broncos lost a game they should have won, and the head coach seemed completely out of his element.


Good God, did I make a mistake in this game? I had nothing to do with the result, but yikes. I pulled out a Hackett.

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