Trump’s PAC faces scrutiny amid escalating legal investigations

WASHINGTON (AP) — With more than $115 million in various political committees, donald trump he has positioned himself as an exceptionally indomitable force in the GOP who would almost certainly have the resources to overwhelm his rivals if he launches another presidential campaign. But that huge amount of money is also emerging as a potential … Read more

Computer experts urge Georgia to replace voting machines

ATLANTA (AP) — A group of computer and election security experts is urging Georgia election officials to replace the state’s touchscreen voting machines with hand-marked paper ballots before the November midterm elections, citing the what they say are “serious threats” posed by a apparent breakdown of voting equipment in a county. The 13 experts sent … Read more

Healey could make history as the first openly gay Massachusetts governor

BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General Maura Healey won the Democratic primary for governor of Massachusetts on Tuesday, moving one step closer to becoming the first openly gay candidate and the first woman elected to the state’s top political office, eight years later. having been elected president of the nation. first openly gay attorney general. Healey, … Read more

The video fills in the details about the alleged violation of Ga’s electoral system.

ATLANTA (AP) — Two months after the 2020 presidential election, a team of computer experts traveled to southern Georgia to copy voting equipment software and data into a apparent breach of a county electoral system. They were greeted outside by the head of the local Republican Party, who was involved in then-President Donald Trump’s efforts … Read more

Biden criticizes ‘extremist’ GOP on Labor Day swing-state trips

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden criticized “MAGA Republicans” and the far right on Monday, launching personal Labor Day appeals to union members in swing states he hopes will join his party in November. “The middle class built America,” Biden said at a workers’ meeting at a park in Milwaukee. “Everyone knows that. But the … Read more

Biden’s primetime speech to call out Trump, his loyalists

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly two years after defeating Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has some unfinished business he wants to resolve with the restive forces of Trumpism. Biden planned to use a prime-time speech Thursday night at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to frame the November election, less than 10 weeks away, as part of an … Read more

Florida Democrats elect Rep. Crist to challenge DeSantis

MIAMI (AP) — U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist won the Democratic nomination for governor of Florida on Tuesday, setting him up to challenge Governor Ron DeSantis this fall in a campaign the Republican incumbent sees as the first step toward a possible White House bid. In selecting Crist, Florida Democrats sided with a candidate backed by … Read more

Florida Democrats weigh candidates to challenge DeSantis

MIAMI (AP) — The Governor of Florida. rum desantis is about to learn the identity of his opponent in the general election on Tuesday, as Democrats choose between a man who has spent his entire life in politics, largely as a Republican, and a woman who casts herself as “something new” as he seeks the … Read more

Kansas count confirms results in favor of abortion rights

OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — A decisive decision state vote A pro-choice vote in traditionally conservative Kansas was upheld by a partial manual recount, with fewer than 100 votes shifting after the final county reported results on Sunday. Nine of the state’s 105 counties recounted their votes at the request of Melissa Leavitt, who has pushed … Read more

Pro-Trump victories in blue states threaten GOP hopes in November

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Republicans have been successful in Democratic strongholds like Maryland and Massachusetts when they fielded moderate candidates who could appeal to voters of both parties. With Democrats facing headwinds this year, Republicans hoped the strategy could pay off once again. But Republican voters have nominated loyalists to former President Donald Trump in … Read more