Russia is ‘ready’ to negotiate prisoner swap with Britney Griner

Russia’s top diplomat signaled on Friday that the Kremlin was ready to discuss a prisoner swap with the US, a day after Brittney Griner was convicted of possession of cannabis and sentenced to nine years in prison. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that President Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden had previously agreed that … Read more

Russia ‘Ready to Discuss’ Prisoner Swap Now Brittney Griner Sentenced

Russia said on Friday it was “ready to discuss” a prisoner swap with Washington at the presidential level, a day after the drug conviction American basketball star Brittney Griner. Despite growing tensions between Russia and the US since the launch of Moscow military intervention in Ukrainethe former Cold War rivals seemed to be inching closer … Read more

Trump says Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout prisoner swap doesn’t look like a ‘good trade’

Former President Donald Trump suggested that the proposed prisoner swap between Russia and the United States that would return imprisoned WNBA star Brittney Griner in exchange for a Russian arms dealer “doesn’t look like a very good trade.” “She knew you don’t go in there loaded with drugs, and she admitted it,” Trump told the … Read more