Three takeaways from the New Hampshire and Rhode Island primaries

CNN — Weather new hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware held their primaries on Tuesday, the results of the most anticipated race of the night were still up in the air early Wednesday morning. Votes were still being counted in New Hampshire’s Republican primary for the US Senate, where the candidate the GOP establishment had tried … Read more

New water outages looming for Arizona, Nevada as Colorado River falls to Tier 2 shortage

CNN — An extraordinary drought in the West is drying up the Colorado River and draining the largest reservoirs in the nation – mead lake Y lake powell. And amid the excessive use of the river and the aridification In the region, the federal government is implementing new mandatory water cutoffs and asking states to … Read more

Climate change could turn drought-prone parts of California into a ‘vast inland sea’ due to mega-floods, study shows

CNN — Many Californians fear the “Big One,” but it may not be what you think. It’s not an earthquake. And it is not the megadrought. Actually it is exactly the opposite. A mega flood. A new study from Science Advances shows that climate change has already doubled the chances of a disastrous flood in … Read more

China’s forces surround Taiwan as live-fire drills begin

CNN — The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is no longer in Taiwan, but on Thursday Porcelain he made good on his promise that the island will pay a price for hosting the highest-ranking US official he will visit in 25 years. The Chinese army’s Eastern Theater Command said it … Read more

Robotic ocean explorer could search for lost cities and shipwrecks

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Wonder Theory newsletter. To receive it in your inbox, Sign up for free here. CNN — The ocean is full of mysteries leading to a legendary lore. During a recent moonlight jaunt around the harbor, the conversation quickly turned to tales of piracy and exploration. A guide … Read more