Sandy Hook Witnesses Testify About Alex Jones’ False Claims

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — The sister of a teacher killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre and an FBI agent who responded to the school shooting were overcome with emotion Tuesday as they described how been being accused of being crisis actors. by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and others. Carlee Soto Parisi and FBI agent … Read more

Trump’s PAC faces scrutiny amid escalating legal investigations

WASHINGTON (AP) — With more than $115 million in various political committees, donald trump he has positioned himself as an exceptionally indomitable force in the GOP who would almost certainly have the resources to overwhelm his rivals if he launches another presidential campaign. But that huge amount of money is also emerging as a potential … Read more

9/11 attacks still resonate as America celebrates 21st anniversary

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans remembered 9/11 Sunday with tearful tributes and pleas to “never forget,” 21 years after the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil. Nikita Shah addressed the ceremony on the ground wearing a T-shirt bearing the annual commemoration’s de facto epigraph, “never forget”, and the name of his murdered father, Jayesh Shah. … Read more

Healey could make history as the first openly gay Massachusetts governor

BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General Maura Healey won the Democratic primary for governor of Massachusetts on Tuesday, moving one step closer to becoming the first openly gay candidate and the first woman elected to the state’s top political office, eight years later. having been elected president of the nation. first openly gay attorney general. Healey, … Read more

The video fills in the details about the alleged violation of Ga’s electoral system.

ATLANTA (AP) — Two months after the 2020 presidential election, a team of computer experts traveled to southern Georgia to copy voting equipment software and data into a apparent breach of a county electoral system. They were greeted outside by the head of the local Republican Party, who was involved in then-President Donald Trump’s efforts … Read more

16 fourth grade students from Uvalde waited an hour with an injured teacher

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Elsa Ávila slid to her phone in terror as she held the bleeding side of her abdomen and tried to keep calm for her students. In a text message to her family that she intended to send to her fellow Uvalde teachers, she wrote: “They shoot me.” For the first time … Read more

Coast Guard ends search for 9 missing in seaplane crash

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. (AP) — The U.S. Coast Guard called off the search Monday afternoon for nine people, including a child, who were missing after a seaplane crashed in the waters off Puget. Sound, northwest of Seattle. The body of a 10th person, an unidentified woman, was recovered by a good Samaritan on Sunday after … Read more

US Approves Updated COVID Drivers Targeting Newer Variants

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States on Wednesday authorized its first update to COVID-19 vaccines, booster doses targeting the most common omicron strain today. Shooting could start in a few days. The measure of the Food and Drug Administration modifies the recipe of drinks made by Pfizer and its rival Moderna that they already have … Read more

Jackson water crisis forces residents to look for alternatives

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The water pressure at James Brown’s Jackson home was so low the faucets barely dripped. He didn’t know how to cook. He couldn’t take a bath. But he still had to work. The 73-year-old tree cutter loaded bags of ice into his truck at a gas station on his way to … Read more

Greenland’s ‘zombie ice’ will raise sea levels by 10 inches

Zombie ice from the massive Greenland ice sheet will eventually raise global sea levels by at least 10 inches (27 centimeters) on its own, according to a study released Monday. Zombie or doomed ice is ice that is still attached to thicker areas of ice, but is no longer fed by those larger glaciers. That’s … Read more